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Thoughtful Charlie by Suzae Chevalier


Back in my nanny days

Charlie was a thoughtful person in many ways.

Charlie seemed a little shy

was really observant and quite wise.

He listened to my stories late at night

he asked questions and was very bright.

He played hockey and basketball too

he practiced and played afterschool.

He looked up to Michael Jordon who he wanted to emulate

he wanted to be like him, really great.

A photo of him and Ellie I do have

a Christmas scene in a green plaque.

With his sister Ellie he liked to have fun

joking with her for she was the small one.

Charlie liked to play computer games–

with castles, knights and other far away lands.

Now Charlie is quite older,

and he has changed a lot

he always had the enthusiasm to give it his best shot.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 3,2011