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Cartoon Character Poems

We Need To Ban Together by Suzae Chevalier


Melodie Mezoree’ paper doll says “I Love You”

We need to ban together
to make
a New U.S. of A.
Let your goodwill shine
We need more love
in these upheaval times.
We can write a new story
that say’s what we want to see
were everyone is FREE.
Free from having to worry
is it us against them?
Our government is:
We the People
who are ALL
See how WE all affect
Each Other and having
a rippling affect-
We need to see WE
Only the Mass Consciousness
can CHANGE Our Ways
of how are PLANET
will BE in these TRIUMPHANT days.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 11, 2016

UniCandle unicorn shines at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival


UniCandle unicorn with his horn a glow

spreads love where ever he goes.

Flying through Lake Worth he did stay

to be seen by visitors passing his way.

Yes, he was painted on the Lake street

by Suzae Chevalier.

He finally had his day

and he is with Melodie Mezoree’.

She is smiling for she is happy as can be

she is with her friend UniCandle unicorn

whose flame is colorful and pretty.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 21, 2016



Razel’s Evil Invention by Suzae Chevalier


Razel who wanted revenge

decided to make an invention

to that end.

She stayed up all night in her tower

where she received an unknown power.

A power from a source up in the sky

it was far away from Earth –

her evil alibi.

Yes, he made a present to impress

her evil ways…

Razel would use it to control birthdays.

Yes, the story will come out soon-

in “Razel’s Rules”.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 29, 2015

See Razel in her video on www.puppetfilms.com

MEZOREAN TWINS by Suzae Chevalier

SarahUPECastleHoldingCrown (1)

Let it be known
Two twins would be born.
To an evil ice witch
Who has evil with scorn.
The twins would be separated at the time of their birth
The boy Emeray would go to Raytron.
The doll Melodie would go to Earth.
They would both spread the message
To children living there
That they are creative geniuses
With so much to share.
In bringing a change
In a great new land
They could make world
happy, exciting and grand.
They would develop their powers
And meet once again
To rescue the land.
First they would need to meet
A magical unicorn
He would unfreeze the spell cast on them
And then make them transform
From dolls to Mezoranean’s
for which they were born.
Once the twins were Mezeranean again
They would then be able to defend–
The city of crystals named Kingdom of Mezoree’
Were they would be crowned royalty on their 16th Birthday.
Until that time they would have a mission to do
To awaken the children from being robot under “Razel Rule”.
This story you see will unfold you’ll see
But first we must go to Krendoll with the doll Melodie.
She will first tell you of a special unicorn
It’s a poem about the day he was born.

Copyright Chevalier Originals, Inc.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 4, 1997

LAS VEGAS 2000 by Suzae Chevalier



Flying back from Vegas in 2000 with my friend Ev

I was seating on the airplane I met a new friend.

She was a little girl who was crying and sad

I gave her my Melodie doll –

She became happy and glad.

She smiled with Melodie and held her real tight

She didn’t want to let go she held on with her might

I had to tell her Melodie needed to go beddy bye…

She looked like she understood and gave back Melodie

With a smile.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 27, 2015

Sister Lisa’s Surprise by Suzae Chevalier


As a kid I made a fake “me” doll,
she was like me but not too tall.
I sewed her up with bathroom towels,
she was original and had no jowls.
Practical joke I did make,
with Funny Doll that was fake.
I put fake doll in my bed,
covered the blankets over dolls head.
Then my sister went to sleep,
I told her from far away,
I was sleeping “Please don’t make a peep? ”
My sister said, “Are you alright?
you look very sick looking tonight.”
I replied, with a yell, ha! Ha!
Then I ran to room laughing like hell.
My sister got scared, and then she laughed,
It was very funny, it was a blast.
These funny childhood memories are the ones that last.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 9,2011
www.christinasunrise.com www.suzae.com

My Friend Bill by Suzae Chevalier



Half Italian, half Irish for his last name is Maroney
Razel puppet said his name on stage rhymes with baloney.
Now he has my 2 books of “Sarah’s Special Birthday”
He thinks they are very colorful, with colors of May.
One book is hard cover the other book is soft,
He lets me borrow them when my own copy gets sold or lost.
Now, he was good friends with my dear friend Jimmy,
they would go to all the restaurants in the Lake Worth city.
Now Bill is his first name but his middle name is John,
he was a economics professor in Michigan.
His mother is a sweetheart and she is still alive,
she is in upstate New York and almost 95.
Bill hopes to get in shape, I think he can doesn’t eat past eight.
Bill always visited me on Comedy Night at the Rumshack,
He always thought I was funny and laughed and laughed.
Thanks Bill for supporting me as an performing artist and
visual artist too, hopefully that big original painting will sale
when my book sales go through the roof.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 23,2011

Rosie O’Donnell Turns Into A Giant by Suzae Chevalier


Rosie O’Donnell showed up in my dream
It was on Krendoll island where things are surreal.
Krendoll huts are quiet for all dolls are asleep
Then a loud thud sounds from the Feronian trees.
A big tree falls down, crashing to the ground.
For there is a something walking real big all around
It’s Rosie O’Donnell who is a giant walking a foot
She ate one of the Razelberries of Razel that Rosie did uproot.
See Razel knew that Rosie would show up one night
So Razel planted her Razelberries and hid them out of site.
She knew since Rosie was a human from Earth
She would eat anything she saw small in the dirt.
Rosie kept walking and bounced into a pillow real grand
It was a Pillow mountain is where Rosie did land.
Now luckily the Krendoll dolls did not awake
They would be really scared, make no mistake.
Now this is the end of my dream where Rosie does survive
Survive a Big Pillow Mountain that actually comes alive.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 1, 2011

Big Tomato by Suzae Chevalier


When I was about five

I thought tornados came alive.

Alive into a big tomato with legs

walking up the hill to where I lived.

Waiting anxiously outside my front door

I was afraid but wanted to see more.

I imagined a big gigantic tomato coming up the street

I thought it be cool and thought it be neat to see.

Wind starting blowing and sky became still

the birds disappeared, I began to feel chills.

I imagined Big Tomatoes footsteps going boom, boom, boom

my family hid in the basement in the family room.

Sleeping downstairs was fun for me

we were all together as a family.

Now Big Tomato never did come

but I have fond memories of a night of fun.

Written by Suzae on May 25, 2011


Airport Inspection by Suzae Chevalier

On my flight out of West Palm–I was pulled over for something wrong
I got scared I thought what is going on? They said it was something in Razel’s clone.
I thought it was funny– inspectors looked so torn
I sat there watching inspectors with gloves I took photos of them with Razel clone above.
They where looking for material that that was not pure, explosive and bad
I laughed to myself trying to find material that is explosive and then my camera came out
Taking photos before I took a picture from up above.
Up above Clone’s face– airport inspectors kept touching for a trace
A trace of suspicious material that’ ends up being stuffing
They looked like vultures picking at nothing.
Picture end up on myspace later that day
with comments so funny I have to say
This is the height of stupidity thus far
when you are traveling by plane not a car.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 6, 2011