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Baptized in church in Minneapolis

it was a special day I would not miss.

I have a photo of you and me

we both were smiling happily.

Then when your first Christmas came

I got to see you once again.

First Christmas for baby Angel my niece

It was happy and filled with peace.

Then of course I would only see you sparingly.

I have pictures of your volleyball game

you are a teenager now you don’t look the same.

I also have photos of you and with Allisa at your grandma’s

You are very happy just because.

Because you are a sweet and caring girl

You are precious to the world.

I’m glad I saw you graduate

It was a glorious and memorable day.

Happy Birthday I also wanted to say

I hope you received your card I sent your way.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 28, 2011


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