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Kavasutra’s Relaxing Times by Suzae Chevalier



Kava is a relaxing drink

served cold by Mr. Pink.

Yes, go to Kavasutra on Lake

sit back and relax and feel great.

Owner Dillon started Kavasutra some years ago

also in West Palm Beach didn’t you know?

Now Funk Factory is going to play on November 14-

it will be great. Come meet

Yandi and even Draino,

they will serve you Kava all night till you go.

Now visit them on the net.

go to facebook, tweeter and your best bet.

their website which is www.kavasutra.com.

type a comment on their blog.

Then click your mouse around and go

to play some games and watch a video.

Or just stop down on Lake Ave.,

it will be the funniest time you ever had.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 13, 2011

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