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Kavasutra’s Relaxing Times by Suzae Chevalier



Kava is a relaxing drink

served cold by Mr. Pink.

Yes, go to Kavasutra on Lake

sit back and relax and feel great.

Owner Dillon started Kavasutra some years ago

also in West Palm Beach didn’t you know?

Now Funk Factory is going to play on November 14-

it will be great. Come meet

Yandi and even Draino,

they will serve you Kava all night till you go.

Now visit them on the net.

go to facebook, tweeter and your best bet.

their website which is www.kavasutra.com.

type a comment on their blog.

Then click your mouse around and go

to play some games and watch a video.

Or just stop down on Lake Ave.,

it will be the funniest time you ever had.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 13, 2011

Andy At Studio 205 – Poem by Suzae Chevalier

We are made in God’s image. We have free will to choose Jesus. His Word could not be fulfilled if He didn’t give us free will. We should Thank Him everyday that He gives us free will. Free will is gone once you die, if you die without Jesus you are separated from God for eternity. Everything good is from God. There is no goodness in hell.


Andy sits in Studio 205
that has many gifts on shelves inside
-like a scope that does collide.
Andy has every occasion greeting cards
-to send happy thoughts or your best regards.
He has spell books, and colored candles too
-interesting knick knacks, even voodoo.
Yes, a voodoo doll that is really cool.
Voodoo doll has the fantastic price of $9.99
place needles in pressure points on body so fine.
He has an armless chicken with a bikini on-
She looks respectful because she’s not wearing a thong
-unlike the room with the colorful dongs.
Andy helps people with problems no matter what day-
He is filled with wisdom and knows the right thing to say.
On my Birthday he gave me a mermaid Dora doll
-he knew I didn’t want a black & white stuffed cow.
I performed by reading Sarah’s Special Birthday
with my doll Melodie Mezoree’.
I was promoting my show in front of his store-
with Barnes & Noble reading flyers once more.
Andy supports local Artist and I remember him say-
“It’s all about you—not me today”
Andy just ran for City Commissioner
-in this Lake Worth town-
Andy gets the people’s vote-he won the crown!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 9,2011



Harold’s Coffee shop West Palm Beach, Florida

Tonight July 15th we Celebrate Chris Palacio’s Life at Harold’s Coffee Lounge

6 pm in West Palm Beach, Florida

Harold’s Coffee Lounge is owned by Keith Palagye

who is very friendly and nice…

his Barista Kyleigh serves Ethiopian brewed strong coffee on ice.

Kyleigh is a sweet Irish girl with red hair

She works before Jimmy and Cody who both have brown beards.

Harold’s Coffee plays music that is of trend–

you can use Wi-Fi or chat with your friends.

Sit on cushiony chairs with air conditioning inside

Or lounge out front in the Florida sunshine.

Harold’s Coffee Lounge has interesting art on its walls—

Promoted by creative art curator Christian Bentall.

Go to www.haroldscoffee.com

Posted by web designer Danny is classical music and vintage sounds–

staff also brings in hard to find indy-punk-& unde​rground.

Harold’s also has cool local bands–

Drum circles and Poetry slams.

Danny designs a calendar on their website

with all the above and a Movie night.

One free coffee can be yours which is good to know

After Maya or Bobby punches 10 hole punches in a row…

Get your free coffee card from Garret and Liz

One free coffee to say “Thank you” from Harold’s

they are appreciative.

Coming in October of 2014

A group of local artists will be seen…

In the heart of Northwood Ave.

Enjoy the art with friends at Harold’s Coffee Lounge

For the most fun to be had.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 22, 2014

Barnes & Noble Days by Suzae Chevalier


Working at Barnes & Noble in City Place,
books, c.d.’s and gifts filled the space.
I was a bookseller and liked books a lot,
I helped customers find books, I gave it my best shot.
I worked with Jennine, who sold books like you never seen.
My managers were Marilyn, Merry and Mariam Volk, I never complained to them or bulked.
I kept busy putting books away, I loved to watch kids in the kid section play.
Kim is married and has another child, she helped me get my books in the store for a while.
I worked with Luz Cruz, her name rhymes with Blue’s Clues.
She is a really great bookseller, she works there till this day,
she always greets you with a smile and has a kind thing to say.
Only Luz is the last employee left from my crew,
unless Kao is still there working very hard too.
Paige who helped me do readings with stories of make believe,
she went to Fort Lauderdale, while Jim in receiving went to Boynton Beach.
Brave, the manager at Boynton Beach at the time,
short listed my book “Sarah’s Special Birthday” from online.
Now it was fun experience while I was there, happy memories I can share.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 10, 2011

24 Hollywood Ave. by Suzae Chevalier


24 Hollywood Ave.Cranford New Jersey is a home that is white

this is the first house I lived in when I was born at night.

Just googled mapped it today

It was interesting it was still standing o.k.

Maybe I will go visit when on the train

see the area before I am old and grey.

Haven’t been to New Jersey since 2010

will visit state, only 2nd cousins are left.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on February 10, 2012