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Harold’s Coffee shop West Palm Beach, Florida

Tonight July 15th we Celebrate Chris Palacio’s Life at Harold’s Coffee Lounge

6 pm in West Palm Beach, Florida

Harold’s Coffee Lounge is owned by Keith Palagye

who is very friendly and nice…

his Barista Kyleigh serves Ethiopian brewed strong coffee on ice.

Kyleigh is a sweet Irish girl with red hair

She works before Jimmy and Cody who both have brown beards.

Harold’s Coffee plays music that is of trend–

you can use Wi-Fi or chat with your friends.

Sit on cushiony chairs with air conditioning inside

Or lounge out front in the Florida sunshine.

Harold’s Coffee Lounge has interesting art on its walls—

Promoted by creative art curator Christian Bentall.

Go to www.haroldscoffee.com

Posted by web designer Danny is classical music and vintage sounds–

staff also brings in hard to find indy-punk-& unde​rground.

Harold’s also has cool local bands–

Drum circles and Poetry slams.

Danny designs a calendar on their website

with all the above and a Movie night.

One free coffee can be yours which is good to know

After Maya or Bobby punches 10 hole punches in a row…

Get your free coffee card from Garret and Liz

One free coffee to say “Thank you” from Harold’s

they are appreciative.

Coming in October of 2014

A group of local artists will be seen…

In the heart of Northwood Ave.

Enjoy the art with friends at Harold’s Coffee Lounge

For the most fun to be had.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 22, 2014

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