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Barnes & Noble Days by Suzae Chevalier


Working at Barnes & Noble in City Place,
books, c.d.’s and gifts filled the space.
I was a bookseller and liked books a lot,
I helped customers find books, I gave it my best shot.
I worked with Jennine, who sold books like you never seen.
My managers were Marilyn, Merry and Mariam Volk, I never complained to them or bulked.
I kept busy putting books away, I loved to watch kids in the kid section play.
Kim is married and has another child, she helped me get my books in the store for a while.
I worked with Luz Cruz, her name rhymes with Blue’s Clues.
She is a really great bookseller, she works there till this day,
she always greets you with a smile and has a kind thing to say.
Only Luz is the last employee left from my crew,
unless Kao is still there working very hard too.
Paige who helped me do readings with stories of make believe,
she went to Fort Lauderdale, while Jim in receiving went to Boynton Beach.
Brave, the manager at Boynton Beach at the time,
short listed my book “Sarah’s Special Birthday” from online.
Now it was fun experience while I was there, happy memories I can share.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 10, 2011

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