Poet/Artist/Child of God/Heaven Flyer

Royal Art And Music Fest by Suzae Chevalier



At the Royal Palm Art and Music fest,

I really felt I did my best.

Opal octopus, Majesty mermaid and Sarah Star

I painted and it was best challenge by far.

The square was a little small but still O.K.

I painted three characters, just not Melodie Mezoree’.

Then I as the public would say,

I had to “Change it Up” that day,

from the front cover of “Melodie’s Mermaid Birthday”.

That was O.K. I did finish

Opal’s birthday party by sundown,

She was happy she received a birthday crown.

Now I can make at least 3 characters big in a 4’ x 6’ square,

Thank you Mary Lou for inviting me here,

I’m glad you gave me this opputunity to paint

what I cherish so dear.

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