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Photography Is Kim’s Thing – by Suzae Chevalier


At the Lake Street Painting festival I did meet
a photographer named Kim who is really sweet.
He shot photos of my princess on sidewalk not street.
being a rogue artist the sidewalk was the place,
that I decided to use my chalk to paint.
Paint a small square by the Hummingbird hotel
Kim shot great photos of Sarah Star not Mel.
Since then Kim shot photos of my 3×5,
also castle scene painting this year with keen eye.
We went to wildlife Wakodahatchee, Delray Beach by Jog.
we photographed birds, alligators and frogs.
Kim visited me at the Royal Art & Music Fest
photos he took turned out best above all the rest.
Kim says he’s my fan, and never charges a fee
he supports all artists like cartoonist like me.
Thank you Kim
for being a great photographer and friend.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 19, 2011

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