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Stylish Rita

Rita with her happy smile
wears stylish jewelry with lots of style.
Born in the windy city of Chicago in 1933,
Her father was a tenor in the Metropolitan Opera Company.
Rita received her teaching degree
in Texas while her husband Bob was in the military.
Rita was also three years at the College of NYC
she then had two children so she taught briefly.
Her graduation gown was her first maternity dress
Her daughter gave them one grandchild they dearly cherish.
Long Island is where Rita and Bob where most of their married life
They now live in Florida with the pelicans and sunshine.
Bob and Rita make their morning stop
In Barnes and Noble café where they read and talk
Talk to friends while lending a listening ear
Rita is genuine, sweet and sincere.
So say hi, to the Rita and Bob when you are there.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 6, 2011

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