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Sunshine Couple by Suzae Chevalier



Mr and Mrs. Par
Smell of turkey and spice fill the air
I’m at Granny Krendoll’s house
who loves to share.
Yes, Granny Krendoll who is Jan Par
is the most giving person by far
Along with her husband I might add
he is also very happy soul, I wish he was my dad.
Sunshine couple is what they remind me of–
they travel across the country spreading their love.
They preach for a living “spreading the word”
Mr. Par is quite enthusiastic I have heard.
Now they came to visit me in 2009
they had just visited Jamaica and had a fun time.
A diary of their travels they do keep,
they are blessed by Jesus even while they sleep.
They look for the good in everything
I am so happy they are my friends.

Written by Suzae Chevalier

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