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Emma Jean Hears Walt Disney’s Great Plans

Jean whose given name was Emma Jean

Emma Jean who is storyteller supreme

grew up in Missouri with all beautiful things.

Her dad a doctor invented the kidney dialysis machine—

She would go on doctor house calls before

she was a teen.

In fact Emma Jean was only eight years old—

in California–making it grand.

Swinging on the front porch she did hear—

all stories of her mother’s childhood

these are found memories she held so dear

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 11, 2015

updated on March 6, 2019 and May 5, 2019

Bradley The Kind Heart

I remember the day when Bradley came my way.
I was at Kinkos and approached Bradley with my book
I asked him for his opinion after he had a look.
Funny Bradley has one of my character’s names
I met his mother Jean and my life was never the same.
I helped Bradley’s mother at the end of her time here–
She was a great storyteller, artist, inventor and very sincere.
Jean said she loved Bradley and me and then she passed on
I bought Shieka pup for Laddy so he would’nt be withdrawn.
Now Bradley helped me out with Shieka and my Acura car
I drove Black Cherry for miles very far.
He was there when I bought Black Pearl
she is my new ride that was a miracle.
Bradley I have Sam the dog from the carnival
She helped Shieka and Shiekee bond real well.
Thank you Bradley, for you have a kind heart
your generosity helped me get a new start

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11,2011

Updated on March 26, 2019