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People Poems

Maya’s Martini


Maya Johnson and Martini

Martini the little shiatsu was cute as can be

Wagging his tail so carefree.

by the ocean with good friend Suzy.

Now he was very aware

for when he got scared

he hid under Maya’s desk

and there he would rest

his head on Maya’s small feet

then he’ld look up for a treat.

“Now why did you name him Martini? ”

I asked Maya quizzically one day.

Then Maya turned her head to say

“Well, this is the story Sue Chevalier–

“Martini was named after the club

where people like to dance–

I met my husband Ron

there by circumstance.”

All three used to live together by the sea

Martini passed on but Maya has fond memories

of her sweet Shiatsu dog named Martini.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Feb.7, 2011

Updated on March 26, 2019

Bradley The Kind Heart

I remember the day when Bradley came my way.
I was at Kinkos and approached Bradley with my book
I asked him for his opinion after he had a look.
Funny Bradley has one of my character’s names
I met his mother Jean and my life was never the same.
I helped Bradley’s mother at the end of her time here–
She was a great storyteller, artist, inventor and very sincere.
Jean said she loved Bradley and me and then she passed on
I bought Shieka pup for Laddy so he would’nt be withdrawn.
Now Bradley helped me out with Shieka and my Acura car
I drove Black Cherry for miles very far.
He was there when I bought Black Pearl
she is my new ride that was a miracle.
Bradley I have Sam the dog from the carnival
She helped Shieka and Shiekee bond real well.
Thank you Bradley, for you have a kind heart
your generosity helped me get a new start

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11,2011

Updated on March 26, 2019

Pauline With Generous Heart

Pauline with her bright blue eyes
has a big heart deep inside.
She took me to lunch on my very first day
she appreciated I came to work right away.
Pauline makes sure everyone is feed
she always has delicious food for me instead.
She has two adorable and smart grandchildren
Pauline gave my Krendoll coloring books to them.
Pauline wears very fashionable clothes
along with stylish earrings that sparkles and glows.
Earrings are from Sonya for Pauline supports the arts

She believes we all have potential—

and tells us from the heart.
Pauline has lived an exciting and interesting life
she still has a lot of energy and is soaring high.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 30,2012