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Pink Hat in Lake Worth by Suzae Chevalier

Suzae Chevalier smiling for Miami photographer at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

In Lake Worth on a sunny day
a pink hat is on Suzae Chevalier.
Smiles galore
her friend in Minnesota
makes a portrait
which she does adore.
He put up on Facebook
for friends to have a look.
Now it is on Google plus
it is on a post for all of us.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on June 27, 2

Great Friend Augustine by Suzae Chevalier


Augustine who is from a state far away
came to live in Minnesota one day.
City of Bemidji he did stay when young–
I never met him there for he was already gone.
He moved to New Jersey where I am from–
I would meet him in the state with a lot of sun.
I would meet him in the sunshine state-
He has a friendly smile and good taste.
Augustine knows Spanish and he can play the guitar
he lived in South America which is quite far.
He taught English to the military there
he was a great teacher, even though students
fell asleep sitting in their chairs.
Augustine bought me a great Twianese brunch
which tasted great for a lunch.
Augustine is a great friend
he bought me some groceries when my job did end.
Augustine is a great chef
he is Italian so he knows Italian dinners the best.
Can’t wait to taste his Italian cuisine
more fun times with Augustine.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on February 10,2012

updated on March 25, 2019